Friday, October 3, 2008

Hodge Podge

Mmm, yeah definitely haven't updated in a while.
Sunday was a blasty blast.  I definitely needed it.
I picked up Mandy and Tracy and we headed down to DePaul University in Lincoln Park.  
Found a wonderful parking spot just feet away from the quad, which I definitely think wasn't gonna happen.  One of the first highlights of my night.
We got to talk a bit with Cavashawn before their set, which was stellar.
The boys played a great set, minus the fact that the sound guys were a little too trigger happy with the echo effect.
The food was pretty much gone.  Didn't eat.  End of story.
Then Tonka played.  My god, those guys never disappoint.  They're so freaking fantastic.
They had a bunch of new tunes.  Sounding good, fellas.
After the show, we chilled a bit with Jesse, Ben, Scott, and Chris.
Always a pleasure.
I missed those boys, fo sho.

Jesse & I.

Ben & I.

Chris & I.

Scott & I.

They're currently in the studio, working on a new EP.
It's gonna be ballin'.
Shot callin'.

Um, I was supposed to go out with Heather tonight and see The Ataris and American Taxi.
But guess who couldn't find her license?
That's right.  Me.
I searched everywhere and after not being able to find it, I started crying.
So yeah, Monday (aka my birthday) will be spent at the DMV with proper documentation and five bucks so I can get a new one.
Happy birthday to me.
BUT it must be done, because next Friday night...
I've never seen him live, but Amanda says I'm in for a treat.
I love me some pianer.

What else...?
Oh.  Thanks to Meesh, I am now able to see Jack's Mannequin & Treaty of Paris' sold out show.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I am very excited. :D

That's pretty much it, I guess.


Michele said...

JM + ToP = party.

Chelsey said...

Yay for seeing Jack's and Treaty!

And yes... you are in for a treat seeing Ben Folds. He NEVER disappoints!