Saturday, December 6, 2008

declare the winter dead.

I love how it's Fall, but it feels like it generally would in January/February.
I have one more week of school.
Excited, but then again not, because I have way too much to do.
Double edged sword type deal.

Sunday is Quietdrive, Danger Is My Middle Name, and Cavashawn at Mojoes Soundlab (I texted Chris earlier; he had no idea about the venue change.  Great, right?).
I'm really hoping to hit it up because Chelsey Jane Rahr Foster is coming down for the show and I haven't seen her since Ribfest in June.
Ahhhhh!! Excited!

Before that, the Spill Canvas has an acoustic in-store performance at Best Buy and a show with OneRepublic later on that night, but since I might be at QD, I really hope I can go to the acoustic show.

How fucking adorable are they??

I'm watching "Mama's Boy" right now.
The commercial looked promising, but the actual movie isn't so great.
But ZOMG, Howard from "The Big Bang Theory" is in it.
This makes me want to watch something that's actually funny, like "Grandma's Boy."
Nick Swardson FTW.

Ok...I'm tired.

P.S. I still need a haircut.

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