Friday, January 16, 2009

to do list - 01.16.08

1. drop the sibz off at school.
2. drop the mom off at work.
3. drop the dad's shirts off at dry cleaners.
4. get cupcake mix.
4a. forget cupcake liners and make a stop at target
4b. get cupcake liners.
4c. see pineapple express and decide to buy it.
5. drive 500 ft. to costco and see that it's not open yet.
5a. get a tweet from @cavashawn and find out that they're in the red eye, chicago tribune, & suntimes.
5b. drive around neighborhood looking for a red with todays issue in it
5c. fail.
5d. drive to jeff park train station and get red eye.
5e. find suntimes, but don't have any change.
5f. walk over to 7-11 and get suntimes.
5g. laugh at articles.
6. go to costco.
6a. spend 20 minutes looking for the bananas.
6b. fake a british accent and ask where the "bah-nah-nahs" are (i'm not shitting you; i really did that).
6c. spend an hour and a half pushing around a heavy ass cart.
7. drive home.
7a. see that someone's car is stuck in the middle of my street.
7b. drive around the block twice.
7c. give up and park 7 houses down.
7d. get out of the car and find the car that was in the middle of the street is gone.
7e. swear.  a lot.
7f. drive the car around, again, and park in front of the house.
8. check social networking sites.

^ what i have done so far.

9. get groceries from car.
10. clean room, just in case i have to persuade a certain someone at the show tonight to not sleep in her car in this ridiculous ass weather.
11. watch pineapple express.
12. pick the sibz up from school.
13. possibly watch pineapple express again while baking cupcakes with my little sister.
14. pick up shirts from dry cleaners.
15. pick up mom from work.
16. wait for annie to pick me up
17. go to store with her and buy an obnoxious singing balloon for a certain 24 year old.
18. party hard at beat kitchen with cavashawn, we the living, and urbanites.
19. possibly have to persuade a certain someone at the show to not sleep in her car in this ridiculous ass weather.
20. go home.


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KaleahSaysHi said...

Now that's a day! :D
I'm jealous.. I still haven't seen Pineapple Express!! Arrrghhh soon... Soon...