Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Free Shows?! What?!

Yes, Jesse.

Yesterday was such a tiring day.
I completely forgot to read the Malcolm X essay for English, and of course, we get a quiz on it. -_-;
Went to Chipotle, which of course, was fucking delicious, seeing as how I haven't had Chipotle since last summer.

Honestly, Friday can't come fast enough.
Oh, what's Friday, you might ask?

I haven't seen these guys since Warped tour, and that didn't even count. It was so packed in there, I could only see Convy, so you could say I'm pretty stoked.

The 28th can't be here fast enough either. I'm so so so so so excited for this:

:D Everyone should be there. What's good about it is that no student I.D. is required. You just go and have a bitchin' good time with free food and free tunes.

Yeah, so I guess I'm gonna leave soon. I've got drawing from 6:00p-9:50p.
I know, right?
Regardless of class times, I really think I should start getting up a little bit earlier.
But I don't think that's going to happen.

P.S. On my way to the bus yesterday, I almost stepped on two cicadas doing the nasty.


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So like, I find major irony in the fact that I go to DePaul yet didn't know that actual, signed artists do shows here.