Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ludo, whut!?

Holy deposit slips, Batman.  It's Saturday Sunday (it was Saturday when I started).

So I decided to change my layout, since Miss Chelsey Foster decided to steal mine.  She is a thieving individual. As 30H!3 would say, "Don't trust the ho, never trust the ho..."
(JUST KIDDING (but not really...))

I really have nothing to say about today except that I thoroughly dislike my job and can't wait for it to be November so I can fucking quit.
What do I do? I work at a church rectory.  Yeah.
I realized how much I hate it today when:
- this one priest who works there who I thought was a bit odd, but still alright, came in and was almost yelling at me for being late (I was 10 minutes late.  Sorry for not having a car and having to walk over there), and then when I was actually doing my job by asking him a question someone called about, he said, "I have no idea."  You're supposed to know these things.
- someone called asking to talk to a priest about the special mass today (Francis Cardinal George came), so I went to the kitchen where he was and said, "Someone is on the phone, wanting to talk to a priest," and he said, "Tell them I'm busy."  That's been maybe the fourth or fifth time he's done that.  And then I feel like a total dumb ass, telling the person that there was someone there, then saying that they're not available.
- people call asking about things like CCD (Sunday School) or something that I wasn't trained to handle (I wasn't trained at all; we just had to answer phones) and I have to sound stupid and say, "I'm sorry, I have no idea" because I can't ask one of the priests because for some reason, they're never around, and sometimes I get an, "Alright, thank you" or a "What do you mean? Go find out."  Yeah, peace be with you too, you bastards.
- the head priest comes in saying that he's going to replace me if I'm late again.  And then I cried a little when he left.  You know what? Maybe I just won't come into work.  Fire me.  I've been waiting 3 years for it.

The only reason I'm sticking with it is because I desperately need the money, which isn't much ($7.50 an hour, but I work an average of 3 to 5 hours a week) and one of the girls who works there has volleyball tournaments or practice every Saturday until the middle of November, so I have to take over.

I need to find a job downtown.  It's going to be so difficult, and I'm pretty much swamped with school but I really need the money.  
I'm trying to save up for school, obviously, but there are a few shows that I wanna go to, but they're a bit pricey, like Ben Folds and Jack's Mannequin/Treaty of Paris.

Not enjoying life at this moment.

I did enjoy life most thoroughly last night though.
Went to the Conaway Canter with Heather, which was cool, because we haven't actually hung out since Mobfest.  
We met up with Claire, Kady, Lindsey, Kat, and a couple of their friends from their building.
Amanda, Agata, and their friends came as well.
Then Drew showed up and hung around with us.
We ate barbecue chicken pizza and drank little shot glass sized cups of this tea that tasted like apple juice (which prompted me to later purchase a bottle of apple juice at 7-11 after the show).
Danced to Kid Color, jammed to Matt and Kim (who I surprisingly enjoyed; they've just got so much energy, and they're funny as hell (Matt mostly)), and had an all around bitchin' good time with Ludo, as per usual.
My favorite part of their set was during "Hum Along," where the crowd sings "Maybe you'll be kidnapped by pirates..." because only a select handful of us knew it, so it was very cute. :D
After the show, I found Rac and Nickolas, who I didn't know was coming, so I was pretty stoked when I saw him.  We hung out for a bit until they started kicking us out.
Heather and I took the Blue Line back, but of course, she forgot to inform me that they were doing construction (I don't take the L on weekends) and we had to get off at Addison, 4 stops from where we were gonna get off.
So my dad came and picked us up.  Whew.

That's pretty much it right now.  
Sorry it's pretty long.
(That's what she said.  Am I right? -high five-)
I'm in dire need of sleep, so I guess this will finish it off.

Kudos if you read this all.

P.S. I lied.  Here's a video of "Please."  I don't think I've ever heard them play it live.  Speaking of which, I've never heard them play "Mutiny Below" live, so...they better get on that.

I also have one of "Topeka," but you gotta go here for that:
You can see some of my other videos there.  Party.


Chelsey said...

Yeah, that's right... I stole your layout.
Deal with it.
Love you!

Michele said...

Gah, I love Please. Nice video.

I'm sorry your job sucks :-(
If I remember right, the priests at my church back home were grumpy all the time too.